Big Land Full Necklace

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This "Big Land" Full Crystal Necklace is handcrafted with the Labrador Flag colours, Blue, Green, and White. We use Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver Components.

The flag of Labrador was designed by Michael S. Martin of Cartwright, Labrador. The flag is used to represent the distinction of Labrador from Newfoundland.

The White bar represents the snow which colours the culture and lifestyle of Labradorians like no other element.

The Blue bar represents the waters of Labrador which serve as the highway and sustainer of the people of Labrador.

The Green bar represents the nurturing land. It is thinner than the other two bars as the northern climates of Labrador have short summers.

Each necklace comes in a gift box or an organza bag with an insert card that explains the significance of the colours.