Who We Are

Jewellery that Connects!

  • WE LISTENto our clients.  We hear their stories.  We listen to their concerns.
  • WE DESIGNjewellery to meet their specific needs – to help with fundraising; to celebrate a special occasion (birthdays, weddings, graduation); to honour a significant person(s) (mother, new child, family)
  • WE EMPOWERpeople to express the most meaningful connections in their lives through the jewellery they wear.

Where did the name Karlande originate?

The name is derived from the names of Andrea’s two children and her father – Karle and Andrew, and Andy.

Where are we located?

Karlande is located in Clarenville, a community just off the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada.

Beautiful Clarenville

How did our business start?

Karlande started on a full-time basis in 2008. It grew from Andrea’s passion for creating by hand, inspired by watching her father create and repair nets for fishing. After retiring from a teaching career, she spent hours combing local beaches picking up pieces of pottery and glass and making them into jewellery (Gems from the Sea). In 2009, she designed the original Sparkles of Hope Cancer Awareness Bracelet. This inspired her to create jewellery to support other organizations and individuals.

Andrea on the Beach

What are we passionate about?

  • Connecting with and helping our clients
  • Creating exceptional quality work
  • Building strong relationships 
  • Learning every day
  • Growing our business