What a brick has to do with jewellery! 🤔

An interesting question  - Hmmmm ?

I love serendipity- how magical connections sometimes just happen. I was attempting to explain to two friends how, at Karlande, we are really about promoting connections, not jewellery.  I knew from their expression that they weren't quite getting it.  🤔 Then there was a knock on the door.  Darrell Duke stood at the door carrying - you guessed it - the brick!  It was perfect timing!

I grew up in a small community.  My father had built our home, brick by brick, board by board.  My father, Andy Hunt, was an amazing, creative man.  His name is incorporated into my business name Karlande - Karle, my daughter, Andrew, my son, and Andy.  Our home had recently been torn down, and all that remained were some bricks in the rubble.  Darrell's father had been good friends with mine, and Darrell had a close bond with my father.  He was so kind and thoughtful to bring a brick back to me.  I was so touched!!  

It is all about the CONNECTION!  ☺️

That brick is precious to me.  It represents a link to the hardworking, loving man who was our father - building and maintaining a house that was our home.  It even has some of the green paint that was the colour of our house trim.  

At Karlande, we empower people to express the most important connections in their lives through the jewellery they wear.
Hope Crystals Cancer Awareness Bracelet
Our Hope Crystals Cancer Awareness bracelet has helped people connect to those who are dealing with this horrible disease. I was told that a lady who had lost her husband to cancer could not open up to discuss this with a counsellor.  When she received her bracelet, she was able to talk about 'this is the colour of cancer that he died from.'  That touched my heart.  
I received a call a short time ago from a distraught lady, Sharon.  She had bought cancer bracelets for herself and a few of her friends.  Her very dear friend had just died from cancer.  An hour before she died, she had asked Sharon to wear her bracelet next to Sharon's so they could stay connected!  Her friend's bracelet had broken and she wanted to make sure that the original crystals were put back when the bracelet was repaired.  They were!
Deanne had us attach a piece of blue Newfoundland beach glass to the necklace that we designed for her.  She got married down south.  It was her 'something blue' plus it was her connection to home.  
How precious is this!  A beautiful, customized Christening bracelet that will become a treasured keepsake!  
Brittany attached a picture of her Dad in a memory frame to the heel of her bridal shoe, so he could walk her down the aisle.  
These are just a few examples of how we at Karlande can design customized jewellery to connect individuals to important people or events in their lives.  
Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in working with us to design  unique, personalized jewellery for yourself or for a gift for someone special.  We love hearing from you.


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